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Feel like doing creative writing?

i really need some help on a paper, i am not a creative writer what so ever, and i need a historical fiction essay, maybe something like during the slave times or going west, anything in the past that could be true but is fiction. 5 pages double space and size 12 in times.if you […]

Creative writing essay HELP! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?

I’m usually really good at these kind of essay’s so started writing one,and asked my mum to proof read.She said it was rubbish and said to do another.I did,and that one was also bad.She said maybe I’m ‘losing my touch’ on writing.I’m stressing now,and my essay has to be 800 words + and its due […]

What would be a creative title for an essay about how Johnny from the outsiders is courageous & a hero?

a good, creative title about how Johnny Cade in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is honorable/courageous/a hero?

Creative title for essay on the Holocaust?

I’m trying to think of a title that really describes how horrible the Holocaust was, but it’s not to obvious that the essay is straight up about the Holocaust…ideas? User tags:Holocaust Title IdeasGood Titles for Holocaustgood titles for holocaust essayswhat are some good titles for holocaust essays

Can anyone please giv me an opening paragraph to a creative writing essay called the hero!?

its for english and i need a good beginning so i can get the vibe of what am doin!

What’s the most creative college admission essay topic you’ve heard about, written about or can think of?

I’m working on the Common Application essay and would appreciate some ideas Thanx!

I need a title for a Homelessness essay, most creative win 10 points!?

Give me your best shot!

A creative title for my essay on identity ?

i need a catchy creative title for my essay on identity crisis based on the book go ask alice !please helppoints for who helps please and thank you


I’m writing an essay on how Oedipus has NOT change in “Oedipus the King” and I need a creative title for my essay…PLEASE HELP ME!

Creative titals for a teen substance essay?

I am writing a essay on teen substance abuse for my pre-ib english class and a need a creative titals for my essay. I could use some help, any ideas?