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Partner making me feel down during pregnancy or am i just imagining it?

Bit of an essay im afraid, just so you all understand,Basically everything was going fine we moved into a new house together he had a job and i was looking, anyway not even a month after moving in i fell pregnant, and absolutely nobody would employ me, the more pregnant i got the less chance […]

What, stripped down to their basic elements, are materials we use?

Doing an essay for school where the topic is basically how humans have changed our enviroment to suit our needs. Among many other examples, I’d like to mention what elements we have taken from Earth to build the “necessities” that we use every day–like buildings, cars, et cetera (e.g. mineral ore bodies for metal, fossil […]

When did the supreme court shut down segregation?

I have an essay due tomorrow, PLEASE HELP!(It’s on Rosa Parks)

Essay pls pls help got the topic down just need ideas?

topic:students should be required to do community service to graduate. i need some ideas on y it should be required.


English Literature has always allowed me to let my imagination go free. It has also taught me accept that certain things in life are best left as being described as cliché. I find the most definitive words to describe English literature as “”Books are humanity in print.” a great historian and author Barbara W. Tuchman […]

How to cut down an essay by at least 700 words (Shakespeare)?

my Shakespeare essay is far too long (2700 words) and it is supposed to be 1500 ish! but my teacher said we can go a little bit over, just not completely overboard! so my aim is about 2000 words but im just not sure how to cut my essay down because I don’t know what […]

How can I narrow down “Technology” for a essay?

Decide first if you are talking about biological technology, computer technology, consumer products technology, scientific technology……after that, narrow it down to an era

My boyfriend has been very down lately about his dad, who is ill…?

I’ve found out why hes been so off with me. Its through reason neither of us can help. His dad is very ill and refusing the get help, its taking its toll on both my boyfriend and his mum. My boyfriend was up for 2 nights in a row (that i know of, it could […]

How do I cut down my admissions essay’s length?

I need to cut out 5 sentences for it to be 2 pages in length please help meMy life has been filled with its ups and downs. I’ve been built up, knocked down, held up, and everything in between. I’ve learned so many different life philosophy’s that sometimes they all get mixed like a buffet […]

Can anyone do me a huge favour and help me re-word/trim down this extract?

okay so i have used alot of my history book for this essay im supposed to write, i think it needs to be re-worded and trimmed down a bit because i dont think i need that much!please help!heres the extract:At the start of the 19th century, law and order was under constant threat. the enforcement […]