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What advice can you give someone who is depressed because they cannot get into their dream college?

My nephew’s dream when he was in the 10th grade was to attend Columbia University in NYC. Unfortunately my nephew had the burden of living in a poor county where opportunity was limited and a county in which the public schools were in bad shape. Also he had limited exposure to intellectual people because honestly, […]

American Dream essay. Paragraph 2?

In the second paragraph I have to elaborate how African Americans today are different from the Younger family (A Raisin in the Sun). Today there is less segregation but I need a 10 to 12 sentence paragraph for elaboration on the differances. Anyone able to give a little insight and help?

American Dream Essay?

My teacher gave us an essay on the american dream. Is it still alive or dead? Honestly I have no clue how i can finish my outline because i don’t know what to put on my paper. I have 2 paragraphs so far..

Dream Car Essay Ideas?

Hey I have to write a paragraph about my dream car for English, does anyone know what a good intro for it would be. Also what details about the car should I put in? Like what would I look for when buying one?

Midsummer’s Night Dream – Titania?

I have to write an essay on Titania, a character from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream.I have to explain about where she is from, her appearance, the theme of the story, the difference between the fairy world and the real world and I have to fill four A4 pages! I haven’t got a clue where […]

Does the movie Requiem for a Dream portray a mental illness or disorder?

I’m asking becasue for my abnromal pyschology class I have to write an essay on a movie portraying a character(s) who exhibits signs fo mental illness or disoder. And if so what mental illness or disorder does the movie portray?

I need to write a 5 paragraph essay on The American dream during Civil War Times! ?

i need to do it through a persons point of view from the north, south, or a slave.CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME WITH SOME INFO PLEASE.THANKYOU.

Interpret my dream please!?

So i was in a fast food restaurant that resembled mcdonalds. then i whipped out my ipod touch and looked for free wifi. i found one that said “free essay wifi” or something like that. i played with my ipod touch. then…um i dont remember. later, i saw my friend all grown up, like 18 […]

Do you think The Pearl Book is against the American Dream? Why? Please help!?

I have to write an essay about how is Steinbeck, the author of the pearl against the american dream! But, I’m stuck! I don’t know how to start! I just need some points and then I can continue on by myself! I just need some ideas if you have some! Thank you! User tags:the american […]

I have an essay to do on the American Dream in The Great Gatsby?

The question relates to how Jay Gatsby embodies both the hopes and failures of the dream. I have to include context but I’m not sure what to include excluding the American Dream itself. Help? User tags:The notion of the American dream figures prominently in this story How should readers define American dream? Moreover is pursuing […]