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How is mercury obtained and processed from the earth?

Im doing a project on mercury a 5 page essay to be exact and i need loads of information on mercury. Specifically How is it obtained and processed from the earth, Where is it found, What is it like in its pure state, I also need to list qualitative and quantitative descriptions, state uses of […]

What is the theme of the movie Another Earth? Or how do you determine what the theme of a movie is?

I’m writing an essay on the movie Another Earth for a film assignment. I’m not sure I quite understand how to determine the theme of a movie?

Help with earth/ space science please?

Question 1 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)What is the relationship between atmospheric pressure and the density of gas particles in an area of increasing pressure?As air pressure in an area increases, the density of the gas particles in that area decreases.As air pressure in an area increases, the density of the gas particles in that […]

Global warming’s effect on the earth.?

I am doing and essay to become eligable to go to the umn next year as a pseo student [post secondary enrollment options]. my paper is on global warming and if you know alot about it please answer me with as much information as you can dont just get it all of the internet just […]

How on earth do I write a DBQ essay!? It’s URGENT, please help!?

The task is:”What form of government–democracy or absolutism–was more effecive for the 17th & 18th centuries?”It’s referring to Europe….Please help me, I have no idea where to start!

Does anyone know what the name of the essay about how to destroy earth?

it’s a satirical essay written by a student. it was published in a magazine or a newspaper.

Essay on change (Books: Lord of the Flies, Catcher and The good earth)?

Essay on change, using the book Lord of the Flies, Catcher in the Rye and The good earth. Quotes and lessons of each book? Also how the lessons change one’s perspective on the world?QUOTES with Pages or at least Chapter, THANKS

If bill gates is the richest man on earth what possible use does he have for financial accounting?

this is an essay topic form me. just help me with some hints and ideas to finish the essay. Thank you in advance for all contributions..

Help with reflective essay on the earth?

I have to write a reflective essay on the earth (we looked at Carl Sagan’s ‘Pale Blue Dot’ to help us but it didn’t help me) and I have no idea what to write about. My friends are doing things along the lines of how earth is our everything but from space it seems like […]

I have to write an essay for school about an alien landing on earth on earth on the year 2110.?

the alien finds a box dating 2010 that contains 5 items that represent the year 2010.(that is all info given) what 5 items would be a good choice to pick? please help ASAP