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Why could Queen Elizabeth I be considered a bad leader?

I realize that Queen Elizabeth I is recognized as probably the greatest female leader in English history but I need to write an essay about why she could be considered a bad leader. Any help would be much appreciated.Thanks. User tags:dheonline comwhy was queen elizabeth considered a leader

Pride and Prejudice! Why does Lady Catherine think Elizabeth is not a good match for Mr. Darcy?

So i’m writing an essay on the topic, “Evaluate Lady Catherine DeBourgh’s opinion of Elizabeth’s suitableness for Mr. Darcy. Not taking into account Lady Catherine’s personal desire to have Mr. Darcy marry her daughter, why else does she think that Elizabeth is not an appropriate match for Mr. Darcy and do you agree with her […]

How was Elizabeth I Machiavellian?

I have to write an essay on how she applied Machiavelli’s tactics in her rule. What are some big examples of her use of these tactics and which tactics did they apply to?

Does anyone know the ending to The Curse of the Pharaohs book by Elizabeth Peters?

I have to write this essay on it and I didnt have time to read it at all! I need to know who killed who and what the book was about. Please help ASAP! (

How are Elizabeth Bennet and Jane Austen alike?

I’m writing a compare and contrast essay but i”m kind of stuck on the compare part.

How was Queen Elizabeth 1 NOT effective?

I’m writing an essay con Queen Elizabeth 1, and I need these questions answered, but all of the answers have to make her sound like an unaffective/bad ruler.1). How did she impact the social scene in England? What did she make worse? (Social meaning class, suffrage, morals, ethics, privelage vs. rights, and fashion and style)2). […]