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I got caught using Plagerism on my English essay?

Would that get put on my permanent record or anything?

English introduction?

i need someone to revise my intro. and tell me if i can add anything to it or how i can fix it! it would appreciated.INTRO:Around friends, most people would use informal language or slang. Around your boss, you would use formal, only because it would be considered disrespectful if your used informal. If we’re […]

Help With English Essay!?

i have to write two essays, and i am at a loss of what to write. here are the topics:1. How can a person gain wisdom?2. why do people distrust/dislike people who are diffrent to themselves?this is for an english class. i just need any random ideas i could write about pertaining to the topics. […]

Few sentences from english to german?

Hi!I need a translation to german for a short essay ,so if anyone could help i would be very thankful to him.Every summer for the last 3 years I was working in Supetarska Draga. There i was selling fruit and vegetables.Because of that job i learned to speak better German and Italian. Every day i […]

Hey any teacher in english can help me check my essay?

i need ur email so i can send it to u

Need help for with an essay for english class….real urgent?

i need help in writing an essay about how i feel can yoga help me physically, mentally and spiritually….please help

Can somebody please fix these two sentences in my essay for English class?

I’m blanking out right now. “We followed instructions and soldered components onto circuit boards and made some cool projects. What we really do is doing packets with really hard math and science (my worst subjects) All we do is write papers and packets.”

What words can I use to make my essay sound like old english?

I know about adding a “th” at the end of a word, but what else can i do?

English Homework Help !?

Hey I have a mid term and my teacher gave the class the passage that the essay will be on but she didn’t give the class the essay question or topic to write on. I need help analyzing the passage but she gave the class a hint like” why John Laroche is the way he […]

How to improve English over short period of time?

English is not my first language and I am currently studying in an English speaking country. Every week I have to write an essay >-< may I know how to improve my English quickly and effectively? both oral and written. Thanks!