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I need a description of an event from lord of the flies?

I have an essay due and, need to pick an event from lord of the flies novel and describe how i feel about it. please help me!

Was 9/11 the most significant terrorist event in history?

Im doing a history essay on the subject above. and i would like to know what others think as i am only 14 i am slightly biased as it is the biggest in my lifetime but if any one else had experiences opinions or anything to share please do as to could help me wright […]

Historical event essay?

Sorry – can you give a few more details? Are you asking what an historical event essay is? Or looking for a topic? or what?

Current event examples of the investigatory powers of congress?

I’m writing an essay for my government class on the importance of the investigatory powers of congress, but I can’t think of any recent examples.Could anyone tell me about a current event where:1) congress gathered info. useful to legislation2) congress oversaw operations of the executive branch3) focused the public’s attention on a particular topic4) exposed […]

Canadian Event Displaying Patriotism?

The event needs to be from 1931-1960 that displays patriotism. I’m writing a reasearch essay.

Is there a real event that a person killed another person out of paranoia?

I’m writing an essay about Tell Tale Heart. It’s part of my semester 1 final exam, for my conclusion i need to find an event to come along with it if i want to get points for the conclusion. My statement is that the narrator’s flaw of paranoia is the reason he killed his employer […]

What would be a good topic for my essay, event that happened between 1860s and 1930s?

that is for my us history class thanks so much..

Any one an Event Planner? who can answer these questions?

I have to write an essay on what I career I want to go into and one of my resources has to be an interview. I dont know anyone personally that is an event planner so if you could tell me about -Education requirements-Experience that would help you in this career-Personal trait or charecteristics-Physical requirements-Day […]

What significant event or events happened in Illinois?

What happened in Illinois that was so significant.I need the answer ASAP Cuz my essay is due April 28

What is a person or event that effected American History today that occured between 1400s and 1750?

I need to write and essay for US 1 and i need to wirte about and event that took place or a person who action effected American History today. It needs to be between the time period of 1400 and 1750. I just need a topic so please help. If it could not be the […]