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Help with my essay for SAT exam?

Hello:I’m practicing for my SAT exam. I’m practicing the essay sectiong. Would you please help me, critizing, giving me advises, and how would write this. I accept good comments about it too.Prompt 1Think carefully about the issue presented in the following excerpt and the assignment below.Many people believe that our government should do more to […]

How can I prepare for this exam?

I got an exam on monday . and I got to write 6 def’ns and two short essays in a time of 2 hours. I have never done good on these types of exams in school ever. Im in uni and Im scared if i study Im just gonna blank out and not be able […]

How much time would it/does it take you to write a two-page essay in a timed closed-book exam?

My exam is 3 hours long. I have 3 two-page essays to write, as well six short answer questions ranging from 3-8 lines.

What were my essay scores if i got a 2 on my Ap exam?

Just wondering….

Help With details for history exam essay! PLEASE! 10 POINTS!?

ANY IDEAS INFORMATION HELP APPRECIATED!The working class challenged the expanding economic and political order by trying to impose their vision of a more fair and equitable America. Detail the emergence of militancy among factory workers, miners, and some farmers. In your response, be certain to include labor organizations, key event, and influential leaders.

How many pages are expected in a GCSE English Literature Exam?

I am aware that quality takes a precedance when writing an essay, but what is the general number of a pages required to write a good quality response i.e A*/A standard.

Social studies 11 provincial exam question ?

in the exam how much are the essays worth are they marked on a 6 point scale or is it multiplied by a certain number for example 6 so if I get a 4 I would get 24 out of 36

History Exam Essay help?!?!?!?

ok i have my us history final exam tomorro and i have to write an essay tonight any help answering any of these questions would be greatly appreciated or if you have any sites i could visit to help me with the info thanks so much~SarahQuestion:how did the use of new technologies during World War […]

Impressive Spanish phrases for A2 exam?

Can anyone give me some original spanish idimos or fancy phrases that i could include in my essay? Im A2 level, thank you in advance User tags:a level spanish impressive phrasescomplex spanish essay phrasesimpressive spanish vocabulary

Can someone answer this Apex Final Exam thing for language arts or give hints?

Write an essay that explains several of the devices employed by bards when reciting oral poetry before an audience. Give a name to each device, explain the purpose each serves, and provide an example from Homer’s Odyssey for each (the examples do not need to include quotations).