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Some facts about factory farming? Please don’t ignore my questions.?

I need to add to my argumentative essay about factory farming. I need some facts about the costs of organic meat and poultry vs. factory farmed meat and poultry. My subconclusion on my first argument is that Humans dont need to torture animals to get their food a few cents cheaper. My first claim that […]

Do these rain forest facts seem accurate? ?

From various sources on the internet. Its for a biological diversity report I’m doing for science. Some of these just don’t seem accurate… -1.5 acres of rain forest are lost every second and almost 100,000 acres are lost per day.- Some experts estimate that the rainforest could be losing 137 plant, animal, and insect species […]

Facts about house pet cats?

i am writing a pursuasive essay in english and i need facts about house pet cats….. also PLEASE BECAUSE ITS DUE TOMORROW!… thank you!

HURRY PLEASE! what are fun facts about melting?(for an essay)?

i just need something interesting about melting for the grabber of my essay so please im desperate

Basic facts about the government in Quebec?

I need to write about Quebec government in part of an essay, but all the websites I find seem to say different things (unless I’m just being dumb). Any facts you could give me, from the type of government to the governers down to the details of what they do etc would be greatly appreciated!

What are some facts about african american stereotypes?

what are some facts that americans stereotype african americans as being either uneducated or crimminals? i’m writting an essay and i would really apreciate the help. thank you!

Who found the mineralcrystal Siderite? Anybody know any good facts about it?

I’m doing a essay on it. & i need more information.

I need intersting facts about the muscular system and my essay is due tomorrow ):?

A strong enough cause can push the muscular system beyond it’s physical limits (i.e. the desire to be the best, making up for the loss of a loved one, etc.).

What are some facts about the death penalty?

Wether your for or against it if you know some interesting facts about it I would like to know. I’m not a creeper or anything I’m just doing an essay on it and I’d like a cool or interesting fact to start it off. Thanks.

Help me find some facts about the Holocaust?

I need to write an essay about the holocaust and need some more facts. also some facts about my subtopic, which is about the experimenting