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My first snake and its about feeding?

i made a post before hand [external link] …i had a few other things to add to the post after it but was unable to. as it says resolved, if any one can click the link and look that would be great if not i will add it in hereThis is my snakes feed chart31/7 […]

If htis was the first paragraph of an essay?

I saw the lights through the window and I automatically smiled. Then the knock on the door came and my heart was beating one hundred miles a second. He came in and looked at me with a smile and his big blue dreamy perfect eyes. I stared at him and I didn’t blink because I […]

So I have court on the 14th for my first offense. Help me?

Last week I let my foster brother, who was visiting from Austin, crash for the week in my dorm room. On his second day he and some of his buddies were in my dorm and they were drinking and smoking marijuana. Which is what got me into trouble with the law since it was in […]

What is the first essay written by edgar allan poe?

I’m not sure what the FIRST essay was, but if you do a little poking around at I’ll bet you can find that out (and much much more!) They have his works broken down into several categories and alphabetized.Good luck

What would be a good closing sentence for a first person Isaac Newton essay?

I need a conclusion for it.

Who First Came Up With The Quote You Cant Judge A Book By Its Cover?

Im Writing A college Essay And I Really Want to use this quote in my essay! Who First wrote this? or said this?

When to use first person in an essay?

I have to compose and present an oral essay about how I made my music video.Do you think it’s ok to use I?

What should the topic of my first Technology related essay be?

If it’s about the past – pyramid constructions.If it’s about the present – silicon related technologies.If it’s about the future – artificial intelligence (especially in fembots).

Can anyone name any short stories in the first person present tense?

It’s for an assignment. I’ve got a few Raymond Carver stories but could use some different ones.

Homeschooling my child for the first time, is this a reasonable balanced daily routine?

My 12 year old daughter (13 in October) has requested for several months that I just take a look into homeschooling her, I’m starting to think I’ll take up her offer this year ( shes in year seven) or for next year. I’ve never home schooled a child before and I really don’t agree, but […]