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In the play Romeo and Juliet, how does Juliet make the audience sympathise with her in act three scene five?

i just need a few sentences to help with my essay. i dont want a full detailed answer because that wouldnt be fair on the others but can you please give me a few sentences. thank you for your time!

How come I have to write another five essays for Supplements besides my Common App one?

like what the ****

Am I smart enough to go to a selective university!? **FIVE STARS FOR BEST ANSWER**?

So I’m a junior attending a VERY competitive private high school with a very good reputation. I’m taking six classes and my goal for the semester is to have two ‘B+’s, two ‘A-”s and two ‘A”s. However, I think at this rate I’m going to get three or four B’s and only two A’s! I’m […]

Help On A three to five paragraph Essay?

I’m really not good at writing essays. Thats one of my weakest things to do in school. so can anyone please help me out? I’m not asking to write the essay for me, i already started.. I’m just stuck on what to write next. all im asking is for any ideas on what else to […]

What would happen if the first five presidents came back to life?

I know this is a really weird question but my cultures teacher assigned it to us for the weekend for bonus. He said to right an essay about it and that no answer is wrong.. So I need a starting topic to write about.Would they be happy that we have come so far as a […]

How should I start my persuasive essay on high school should not be extended to five years?

I’m in desperate need for help. Introductory.

I need help with my Frankenstein essay on chapter five?

I’m doing an essay on frankenstein. And I’d like to aim for a C grade or B grade if I get an A that would be great! But I was wondering if some one could lend me there essay as draft cause I don’t know where to start from. Our Teacher told us that in […]

Write an essay about a banana through the five senses as metaphors of you…?

Pleasee helpp! I need ideas!

Five paragraph essay?

I’m writing a promt on who I admire and respect. All I need to know if the intro. sounds okay and if you have any suggestions on how I can make it better.”I had crossed the line. I was free; but there was no one to welcome me to the land of freedom. I was […]

I have to write a five paragraph essay on bella’s personality traits. i neeed help!?

naiveopen to new ideas (can’t think of the word!)