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The diary of a young girl, book, anne frank proj help?

i had to read the diary of anne frank, and now i have to do a bunch of essays now..due are there times u think anne is wrong in how she judges someone else? i dont think she is.. well maybe in a few parts but, anyway can u tell me the page # […]

Anne frank essay help, please!?

in ELA we just went over the holocaust and i had to write a timed write essay on night and anne frank, but the teacher said that i didn’t have to do both, so i just did Anne Frank. (we used the play version, not the book). well i did really bad on my essay. […]

How can I put oprimistic in an Anne Frank essay? I need help on it.?

I have to do an essay on Anne Frank and we had to choose words to describe her. And I chose optimistic. Can you guys help me write it? Its due tomarrow morning!

I have a proj. about anne frank, and ww2.plz help 10 points.?

i have to do a proj, actually acouple of projects…umm. i need info detailed, in bullet form or watev,i dnt care.. about the causes of world war2, Causes of WWII, Nuremburg Trials, Holocaust What happened to Anne Frank and her family after the Nazis found them in hiding. i need the info because i have […]

The Holocaust, The Diary of Anne Frank relation to a quote?

I have to write a essay of how the Holocaust, the diary of anne frank, and the book, Maus, on how it is related to the quote “Those who have a “why” to live can bear with almost any “how”” How does the quote relate to them

Examples of how Anne Frank matured?

I have to write an essay and I already have the axample that Anne wrote about more mature things in her diary towards the end Anyone have another example! It wuld be greatly appreciated! lol thankks User tags:exsamples of how anne frank matured