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Will colleges be able to overlook that I did badly (because of personal reasons) my freshmen year?

Well what happened to me my 9th grade year is such a complicated story basically what happened to me was that my step mother (who was abusive to me and my sibling got divorced from my dad) So I began blaming myself for the abuse so I began to starve myself and never eat and […]

Why should Romeo and Juliet be taught to freshmen at high schools?

Many people may object to Romeo and Juliet being taught to high school freshmen based on the “sensitive subjects” that it contains. Write a persuasive essay in which you either support the teaching of Romeo and Juliet to hish school freshmen or do not support the teaching of far, i have 1 reason as […]

Anyone feel like editing/looking over a freshmen english paragraph?

Cause I know this is exactly what you want to do on this lovely monday, but it needs to be perfect, and I’m not feeling it. It’s a literary based expository essay on allegory in William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies.” ‘I’m doing it on phychological allegory. Tell me anything you see anything with the […]