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Can someone help me on an essay from a movie ” the dead poet society”?

okay, well im writing a 6 paragraph essay and im telling why i dont think that mr keating was responsable for niel perrys death. the only things i can think of is that niels father pushed him to do things he didnt want to do. can someone else come up with 3 reasons..and then the […]

What was Canada’s involvement in the UN from 1949 to 2000?

I have a provincial exam tomorrow and i’m really worried about getting an essay topic on that since the only thing i know is that they are part of the Peacekeeping Unit. I also know about the suez crisis and how the prime minster proposed to keep the peace and he won a noble prize […]

I need a description of an event from lord of the flies?

I have an essay due and, need to pick an event from lord of the flies novel and describe how i feel about it. please help me!

Does anyone have SOLID proof that human evolution from other primates is true? I need to convince someone.?

I know someone who says that humans did not evolve from other animals but does believe in evolution in general, so can someone please go find solid proof of that being true/untrue? I’d like to just like to have some link to an article, essay, etc.

How difficult is it to get into a QUALITY university via transferring from a community college?

I am currently a coming high school senior and there’s basically no point of me applying to a college cause i messed up so bad my junior and sophomore years. so i plan to go to a junior college and transfer. i have a few question to those people who have been successful with or […]

I need help with a quote from the book Night.?

It needs to be about the theme/motif called faith. My teacher took our books back before we had to write this essay, can anyone help cite a quote involving Faith in Night by Wiesel?P.S. I have two quotes from pg 65. I only need one more. Please cite the quote exactly and the pg number. […]

What does writing “sulekh” from hindi text book mean?means copying 5 essays or stories?

is it about good handwriting or copying essays?

Would using an idea from an answer be considered plagiarism?

I asked a question for an idea on an attention getter for my essay. If i used the attention getter they gave me would that plagiarizing? could i get in trouble for that?

Where is this quote from?

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment”Is this quote by Ralph Wlado Emerson from one of his essays? And, if so, which one?

Can some score my SAT essay please? the prompt: is truth not objective but rather comes from individuals?

The basis of truth comes from the perspective of an individual is not quite accurate. One many come to the conclusion that they obtain enough proof to explain for example an action, In the end however, the inner purpose of the action is the entire truth which cannot be solved merely through research.Take for instance […]