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The diary of a young girl, book, anne frank proj help?

i had to read the diary of anne frank, and now i have to do a bunch of essays now..due are there times u think anne is wrong in how she judges someone else? i dont think she is.. well maybe in a few parts but, anyway can u tell me the page # […]

Is this girl interested in me? (Body language question)?

For the last few weeks i’ve been on a university field trip, all of the people were nice, but this one girl in particular was something else. She’s been an acquaintance for a year and a half, but different social circles meant we rarely met outside of lectures. The work on the trip was hard […]

Who thinks that the Little girl who won the Hana Montana Concert Tickets should still be able to go.?

There was a contest for The Hanna Montana Concert Ticket’s that were very hard to come by , and there Was A contest for the best Essay by A child to win 4 Tickets to go to the concert And get A makeover. But they Find out that the Mom had written the Letter , […]

List movies where asian girl is paired up with a white guy?

i’m doing an essay on stereotypes in the movies, and i cant help but include the fact that in manyfilms, the asian girl is always paired up with the white guy, and its never the other way can anyone give me a list of movies where this is true?

What happened in the 70′s to make this Chinese girl feel isolated?

Im reading short essay by Maxine Hong Kingston, an asian immigrant I believe, who writes about her struggle with her native tongue and culture while speaking in school and in general living in america (ahe felt as if she stuck out). Was there anything that happened in the 1960′s or 1970′s (since it was published […]

I really like this girl and she likes me. How should I tell her ?

She’s British-Albanian and I’m Spanish-American. We’ve known each other for 4 months and we’ve gotten so close. She says she trusts me so much and I do too. We stay up late and always talk for hours and never get BORD. Her friend told me she wrote an essay for me but hasn’t given it […]

What would you do in this GROASS situation?~stinky girl in library?

dang it! I know I sound really mean!I’m in my school library right now to finish my essay, and there’s this ugly pimple-filled face girl who STICKS like Horse DROPPINGS! dang! I just can’t stand it so much! Like I just want to tell her to TAKE A SHOWER you Beyotch! man, the smell’s like […]

Does this girl not like me or is she just really shy? <3 you if you reply?

my friend texted me when he was at this party and told me that his girlfriends friend thinks I’m cute/hot, she gave him her number to give to me. we started texting each other for a bit then we all met up to play volleyball a couple weeks after. when I walk in the first […]

Girl question: How do you know when your period will be?

PLEASE, please explain this to me without all the big words. please explain so a monkey can understand it basically. thankyou. (im not asking how you make babies so don’t write a five page essay, that won’t get you best answer or whatever) =]

Did I screw up any chance I had with this girl…?

I’ve liked this one girl that goes to my school since the beginning of the year, but i was always to nervous to start a conversation with her. She was only in one of my classes last semester, and none in this one. So near the end of last semester i started talking to her […]