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Are there any places online I can write an SAT essay and have it instantly graded?

Taking the SAT tommorow, havent had much essay writing practice (I figured AP english and the fact I get 5s and 6s on all my essays would keep me okay), but I want to write one just to make sure I’m okay at it. Does anyone know of a website I can go to in […]

What happens to SAT essays after they are graded?

I mean i know some of them are used as examples and whatnot but what about everything else? do they save everything in files, load them onto computers or just throw everything away (or recycle)?

How id the Global History regents graded?

I want to get at least a 90 like on all of my past regents. How many multiple choice would I need to get correct and what should I get as far as essays are concerned for at least a 90 on the regents?I’m an AP World History student, so I’m not familiar with the […]