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WHat is a thesis I can use for my Great Gatsby essay relating to money or dreams?

the falsity of the american dream.and let me guess (read profile description) you’re korean!

R’S: Great for trolls and dumb-dumbs, not great for good replies?

This is easily the section with the most ignorant dumb-dumbs with insufficient attention span to write more than one sentence. I’m tired of one sentence answers or things completely irrelevant to what I ask. I asked why people give one sentence answers, and one of the most thumbed up comment was “If it’s too long […]

How do I write a great essay?

what grade are you?it really depends on the level and what you are writing to achieve.there is no real straight foward answer.but from my experience at essays :* INFORMATION: (of corse). you have to research and know what you are talking about. you have to show extensive understanding of the text* STRUCTURE is very important. […]

What should I do with all these great sources for my essay ?

I was looking for books and articles for an essay that I am writing (on political discourse), the essay should be only 8 pages (double spaced), and now I have too many great sources, both books and articles (7 articles and 7 books!) and I don’t know where or how to begin, does anyone have […]

Why did great political thinkers and leaders develop in the slave south? ?

I’m looking for about three solid reasons because I have to put this answer in essay format… Thanks to any help! : )

Using the Great Gatsby, of Mice and Men, and Grapes of Wrath, how would I define what it means to be American?

F. Scott Fitzgerald and John Steinbeck are both authors who helped create the American literary tradition.As a result, they both probably have ideas about what it means to be American.Examples would be helpful!For those of you thinking that I’m some high-school sophomore trying to get my essay question answered, this is for my book-club.So please, […]

What is the best way to write a great essay for an essay competition?

firstly, if you get to choose your topic.. you should pick something really unique and something thats of importance or goes straight to the heart. i once won an essay competition when i wrote about what an impact my amazing mom has had on my life (stuff like that). use lots of big vocabulary words, […]

Has anyone naturally miscarried at home? Some experiences or advice would be great!?

I was told by the EPU at 8 weeks only a sac was visible on the scan and was offered d+c or the pills they use for abortion, or just wait for it to happen naturally. I was supposed to go back on the 29th December to have another scan to make sure all tissue […]

How long does the Great Wall of China stretch out to today?

I need to know how long the presant day Great wall of CHina is. I’m writing an essay. I need to know this and fast. (kilometers and miles please)

Why does a member of congress have great responsibility?

yea i just have to know for the essay i’m writing.