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Summarize what happens during the Krebs cycle.?

What happens to the high energy electrons generated during the Krebs cycle?Please dont make your answers really long. I dont want an essay, I want an answer. Thanks:)

What do you think happens to Odysseus after the book?

i have to write an imaginative narrative essay about what happens to Odysseus after the book (the Odyssey) and i have writers block. any ideas?

When tensions rise between families, what happens to the relationship between them?

do they “fall apart”? how can i say it so that it makes sense?please help, i can’t think of the right words for my essay.I’m trying to say that when family members “fight” or have conflicts between each other, the relationship between them starts to “fade”

What happens to the subject pronoun when we use the passive?

“He” is the subject pronoun. “Him” is the object pronoun.If I write the sentence: “He wrote the essay,” he is the subject and the essay is the object.And if I write it in the passive: “The essay was written by him,” the essay remains the object and the person remains the subject. So, why do […]

What happens if voter fraud is uncovered after a Presidential election?

Have an essay to write for this ethics class, wanted to gather some opinions. Say there is an election for the Presidency and a winner is chosen due to votes, then after they have been swore in someone discovers that voting fraud occurred in a key state which means the Presidency could have in fact […]

What happens to SAT essays after they are graded?

I mean i know some of them are used as examples and whatnot but what about everything else? do they save everything in files, load them onto computers or just throw everything away (or recycle)?

More than friends? What happens now?

Well, I’m nearly 16, a high school sophomore and this is the first situation that may result in a potential relationship that I’ve ever been in. His name’s Connor, 16 and a sophomore, I met him this year in my English and Bio classes and started liking him about a month or so ago. We’ve […]

What happens in city of ashes by cassandra clare?

ok i have to do a essay thing on city of glass for a contest at my local library but i have only read city of bones and i don’t want to read city of glass with out reading city of ashes. however i cannot find city of ashes any were. so will someone tell […]

What happens if you missread a Free Response Question on the AP Euro Test?

Yea I took the AP test on friday May 9, and realized I didn’t anwer one of the essay questions correctly. The asked about the NINETEENTH century amti-semitism but I wrote about TWENTIETH century anti-semitism. Will I get a zero if my content is good? Will this affect my chances of getting a four. What […]

What happens if you plagerize? ?

i plagerized an essay off the internet and my teacher hasnt gace it back to me she says that next time she will give it to thats been the past three times.. im scared i know it was wrong and i regret it what will happen will it go on my record when i go […]