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Play Critique Essay Title! Helppp!?

I’m doing a play critique essay on “Annie” and i need a good essay title other than “Play Critique” or “Annie”Anything would be appreciatedThanks!

Hyrbrid money saving question! Helppp!?

Im writng a persuasive essay, and i need a shocking fact about how muh money a hybrid saves on gas per month vs. a regular car or something.. Please help fast! thank you so much!

How to pass my global regents? HELPPP!?

My Global regents is tomorrow.. is there any way to get all the multiple choice questions right so if i screw up the essays i still pass because i’m really bad at global and i know no outside info for the thematic essay that were gonna have to write.. BTW this is the 10th grade […]


I need to do a essay on the following question approx 3-4 pages could anyone help me answer the question and how to set it outtt?”why did heinrich himmler become a leading nazi? what did he achieve?”

I have to write a 6 page essay on where i see myself in ten years.. HELPPP!?

I am no good at writing essays, and it has to be 6 pages due by the 13th. If someone could help me out that would be the greatessssssssssst!

HELPPP me this this Essay?

im writing a block essay, cmpare and contrast. And this is my thesis statement;Having to live in the both cities, Cohoes and Portland, I believe living in Portland, Oregon was the most exciting, for it had entertainment, diversity, and easy transportation. Like this is my should i add more or what else should i […]