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Is going here to america from the philippines a conflict?

i need to do an essay about conflicts and im not really sure if thats a conflict

A happy to sad story? Creative thoughts needed here!?

So I’m writing an essay about happiness and what not and need an example where you expect to be happy but end up having a twist for the worst?Like “On Christmas when the happy and joyous little boy was expecting to get a new stuffed toy, he opened his present to find insipid socks.”

I really shouldn’t be on here, but when I get back to my project I draw a blank.?

Yeah. Let’s see. I’ve been on the computer since 3 this afternoon. I’m supposed to be writings freaking essays for my dumb summer ap project. But I can’t focus. :[

A question about The Truman Show (a movie) right here :) Please help?

O.k, we need to do this essay on the Truman Show, Please help me to response these questions “How does Christof create Truman’s world and how does Truman find out the truth? Give an opinion on why he leaves this perfect world”. So feel free to give responses, answers etc. Best answer get 10 pointsss

I want a 3 inch essay on why you think some people on here only have grey box-faced avatars..?

.. to be handed in in three days. Begin.I will be measuring them.

50 Ways to kill Your boredom! ?

1. Go door to door with a bag and say, “for $2, i will reach into the suprise bag and pick you out a handy sample of something that may come in handy in your future!” If they accept, give them ONE blade of grass.2. Go to Wal-Mart and ask the cashier, “Do you have […]

If you REALLY like researching, click here :)?

I am doing an essay on the relationship between the salem witch trials and the red hunt and why arthur miller wrote the crucible.I can’t find any RELIABLE resources (not wikipedia, or geocites etc.)if you wanna help me out, that will be SOO appreciated.I don’t want anything about the film though.

I have to write a 1 page essay on why i will accept a zero. a little help here.?

it’s due tomorrow

Where do I go from here? Should I drop out of uni?

Ive been going to uni for a year and a half now and its just not working out. I love what im studying – Anthropology. But im failing uni – I failed all 8 papers last year and im pretty sure I failed 2 this semester. (Not because I don’t know the content, its just […]

Is there anyone from Iran here?

i need to interview someone that was born or has lived in Iran for part of my school essay. If you were born or lived in Iran or know someone that has could you please email me or leave me your email so that I could email you please? I have not been able to […]