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What did Hercules do to become a hero?

I need to write a hero essay and I was given the topic of Hercules. yuck. but anyway, iv’e read the mythology book and i googled hercules and everything and i dont understand why hes such a hero. mythology and my brain do not go together. SOOO will someone please put why hercules is a […]

What qualities prove Odysseus to be a hero in the Odyssey?

I’m writing an essay on the qualities of a hero in the Odyssey and I have some examples already, but I just need a few more to help me finish. Thanks!

What would be a creative title for an essay about how Johnny from the outsiders is courageous & a hero?

a good, creative title about how Johnny Cade in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is honorable/courageous/a hero? User tags:creative title for the outsiders

Somebody I know has to write and essay about a ‘hero’, any suggestions?

I have no idea assuming it has to be a non fictional hero.

I have an essay to do about….in what ways is neo a relucatnt hero?

i need to know what is reluctant hero……how the person will act(charactersitics) is he was a relucatant hero?

Can anyone please giv me an opening paragraph to a creative writing essay called the hero!?

its for english and i need a good beginning so i can get the vibe of what am doin!

Who can i choose as a hero? HW assignment.?

i have to write a brief paper on who is someone that i consider a hero. its not one of those who do i look up to essays. there is a strict guideline we have to follow because we are about to read the Odyssey. This is the “hero’s journey”Home, call to adventure, refusal of […]

I have to write an essay about someone who made an impact on my life. Can I tie it with who is my hero?

The essay topic is: Write an essay in which you tell us about someone who has made an impact on your life and explain how and why this person is important to you.I wanted to start off by describing the definition of a hero and tying that together with how my sister is my hero […]

Why is Jason (Greek mythology her) not considered to be as great a hero as Odysseus?

I have to write an essay comparing Odysseus and Jason, but i want to know why jason is not considered to be as good of a hero as odysseus is.

Christopher Columbus: Hero or Villain?

I’m have to do an essay on him, whether he was a hero or villain. But I don’t really know that many facts about him.So what do you think? Is he a hero or villain? Why?