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Programs for learning problems in high school, are there those?

So I’m writing an essay about High school educational system, and what is good in it. I am saying about how there are many programs for students who are advanced such as AP, IB, and duel-enrollment. But I also want to say that the education system cares for students who are having learning troubles. Are […]


I have a project to do for english class where we can “invent” just about anything in the world (we don’t have to make it) and then write a page essay about it problem is i have no idea what to use as my “invention” PLEASE HELP

What are some names of pills that are illegal & can get you high?

So I have this essay to do for my Health class & I have to write about the different kinds of drugs that are really bad for you. I can’t write about weed though. Any idea? It would really help me out.

A topic for my high school application essay?

I can’t decide what to write about for my high school application essay. I love to write. One page, handwritten is required. Help?

What has been done to stop testing for drugs in high schools?

I need help on this for a persuasive essay in my health class and all i can find on the subject is the opposite.. What has been done to start drug testing in high schools… Help please?

Are there any essay contests for teens in high school?

I’m 16 and I happen to think that I write really well, and passionately. Are there any well known essay contests that I can enter where I can submit my entry online rather then send it in through the mail?

What should I write about in my essay about how I feel about high school?

What should I write about in my essay about how I feel about high school? I am suppose to write a reflection on what i think of my first year in high school would be like. I don’t really know what to write about. So please give me some ideas!Much appreciation to all ideas!:)

Did something happen to me between middle’ high school.?

In middle’ elementary school, I wasn’t very smart academically or socially. I always needed help to get Bs or As. I’m able to put up a persona easily to hide how I’m truly feeling around certain people (my family included). I used to not be able to hide my emotions, now I can appear perfectly […]

Scholarships for a high school sophomore with disabilities?

Hi, I’m Slone. Brief introduction – I’m fifteen and a sophomore in high school. I’ve been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a high-functioning form of Autism. I also have bipolar disorder, but we haven’t “put it on paper”. In other words, I’m not officially diagnosed with it – the doctor simply knows that I […]

High school level contests essays or something to do with africa?

What is a good high school level contest that has to do with Africa, like writing an essay about Africa or something etc with money prizes, preferably west Africa south of the sub sahara: Nigeria to be specific of Africa in General.Thanks in advance