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A hook for a persuasive essay about same sex marriage?

so right now i have “Equal rights for everyone, except some.” and i don’t feel like it’s very strong, so if you have any suggestions on it or for a new one, i would really appreciate it:)-and please don’t give me your opinion on same-sex marriage, that’s not what I’m asking for.

What a a good hook for my comparatice essay.?

observe nonverbal interaction patterns between women and men.

What’s a good hook line for a persuasive essay?

im writing a persuasive essay for my 8th grade languge arts class, im stuck on the “hook” line. My essay is about Dress Code not being so heavy about it.. you know? Like bra straps able to show and ripped jeans, anyone know what im talking about? So i would like if someone could help […]

What is a good hook for my essay on cars from the 1920-1929?

im righting an essay on the great gatsby about what cars symbolise and i can not think of a hook

Hook for my cold war essay! HELP!?

In my essay, I’m trying to show people that the Cold war had negative impacts to the Us and Soviet Union as well as other nations around the world, even though there was no actual warfare/combat.I need a good hook, and I have no idea on what to use!Help?Isabelle.

What could i write as a hook for my cloning pursuasive essay?

i have to write a hook for a pursuasive essay, my topic is cloning and i am against the government funding the research for it. i need it ASAP!

What’s a good hook for an essay about keeping the death penalty?

Personally, I’m not for or against it i just have to write an essay. Thanks.

Hook and thesis for essay persuading people on why kids shouldnt have homework?

I am writing a persuasive essay on why we shouldnt have homework. I cant come up with a hook or thesis. Can someone help? User tags:essay on why we shouldnt have homework

I am writing an arguement essay about the story “farewell to manzanar” and i need a hook so badly. submit tom.?

i submitting it tom.

Help with making a hook for an essay?

my essay topic is : why does prospero treat caliban so poorly?i need help with my hook sentence!thanks guys!