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Why does my husband think I’m stupid?

My husband recently decided to go back to school to obtain a Master’s in Accounting. He has a bachelor’s and I was helping him apply for school. All of sudden he tells me he submitted an application and that he will just wait for the response. I told him that it was more to applying […]

How did Marie Antoinette negatively affect the common perception of her husband?

Currently righting an essay on this…I have my facts on how her actions negatively affected the French people’s perception of HER, but not so much on the perception of her husband, King Louis XVI.My main topics are the Diamond Necklace affair, that fact that she was Austrian (not French) (therefore she drew her husband into […]

Husband wants us to become hermits…what should I do?

My husband is a true genius: an honors graduate of Princeton and a member of Mensa. He’s a very gentle, kindhearted, and a very shy person. He was diagnosed with asperger syndrome in his adolescence, and he currently suffers from a very mild form of schizoaffective disorder, for which he takes medication. In his youth, […]

My husband works all the time with his female boss, our relationship is suffering.?

I originally wrote part this as an answer to someone else’s question. However, I would like responses for myself too. My husband started a new job in Oct. as a research tech. It’s a demanding job with long, long hours that. In the beginning he word be gone from 8am past dinner. Next he started […]

Should my girlfriend let her ex husband take their daughter on holiday?

i am going out with my girl for over a year now,she was married before and they have a 3 year old daughter together.she is an amazing mum and structures her day all around her little girl. the dad has regular access to the kid but to be honest he has no proper experience rising […]