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Does anybody know of any good metaphors in The Iliad?

im doing an essay and im having trouble finding metaphors in The Iliad. can you give me some and preferably tell me what page, or at least the genral part?

Compare and contrast Hector and Paris in the Iliad?

I am currently reading the Iliad in my Mythology class, and I have been assigned an essay. The prompt is: Compare Hector and Paris. How are they similar? How are they different? What motivates each of them?I already know that there is a big difference between them in that Hector is very brave and Paris […]

How to cite the Iliad by Robert Fagles?

How do you cite quotes from the Iliad by Robert Fagles? Also, if I am only using one book in the essay, do i still have to include the author’s name in the citing for the first quote I use in the essay? for example like “Blah blah blah” (Homer 39) User tags:how to cite […]

Help on Iliad essay !?

I have to write an essay and I need 3 reason why Archillies didn’t want to go to war.btw the book is translated by fagels thanks

I need help with my Iliad paper?

My topic is about death. I have to write a 4-6 page essay regarding any topic in the Iliad. I want to write about death if possible, but if it’s tough to think of anything, I’m willing to switch. So far my thesis is trying to say that Death is individualized, different for everybody, however, […]