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Social injustice topics?

ya i have an essay do in a couple weeks but i have no idea what topic would be perfect fro social injustice. here’s my professors requirements:Once you’ve chosen an injustice, be it domestic or global, you’ll need to do some additional research on your topic and possibly some additional narrowing of your topic, though […]

Examples of social injustice today?

I need some examples of social injustices in the world, preferably in America, today. I need a good one too because I have to write an essay about it for english User tags:Social Injustice ExamplesExamples of Injustice TodayIn today\s society it seems like social injustice is often more likely than social justice and participation by […]

Good conclusion for essay? injustice in TKAM?

about the injustice in maycomb

Silence in the face of injustice hurts whom?

This is part two of my essay questions.All info helps!Thanks!

What are some examples of injustice? this is for my history essay! help!?

Slavery would be a huge example of injustice. I would personally go with that one.

Who knows something about injustice in Switzerland?

I’m working on this essay about Switzerland and I really need to know if there is any injustice in Switzerland, so anyone who knows something, please help!