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I’m writing an essay and a character has to go into the woods whats a good reason….?

like I was think…1.) she wanted to take a walk threw the woods2.) her mother asked her to pick some flowers out in the woodsbut both of those are stupid and don’t make sense, have any ideas?

What advice can you give someone who is depressed because they cannot get into their dream college?

My nephew’s dream when he was in the 10th grade was to attend Columbia University in NYC. Unfortunately my nephew had the burden of living in a poor county where opportunity was limited and a county in which the public schools were in bad shape. Also he had limited exposure to intellectual people because honestly, […]

How do make this into two sentences?

I want to put this in my essay but how do i make it not a run on sentence?This is it: Nobody really go to look through those clear square glasses into her sheer brown eyes because her long blonde hair was always whipping around her heavily freckled face.

How difficult is it to get into a QUALITY university via transferring from a community college?

I am currently a coming high school senior and there’s basically no point of me applying to a college cause i messed up so bad my junior and sophomore years. so i plan to go to a junior college and transfer. i have a few question to those people who have been successful with or […]

Can I get into the University of Michigan?

Here’s my profile. Please tell me what you think!PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO MY SAT SCORE RATHER THAN MY ACT SCORE GPA: 4.5293/ 3.6-3.7 unweightedClass Rank: 63/398SAT: 630R 610M 630WACT: 26WORK EXPERIENCEStudent Filmer (my school district hired me to film sporting events and practices; put in about 9 hrs a week)Internship with my county’s judicial system […]

Can I get into these schools?

Okay… so I will put down all my info and stuff and I want you to tell me if you think I can get into these schools..(I know that this is not all of what counts, but please look anyways)1. USC 2. Pepperdine3. UCLA4. UCSD 5. UCIStanford for fun… (you never know)Best individual category SAT […]

A question about the musical into the woods? 10 points!?

What was the baker and the bakers wife and the witch’s relationship like? Like list some facts? I know she helped them get a baby and stuff but I forgot everything else because I havent seen it in a while and I have to finish writing an essay. Good- She gave them a babyBad- I […]

Chances of getting into U Pitt?

Stats:SAT: didn’t takeSAT IIs: ..GPA: 3.75+ Rank: top 20%Other stats: AP US: 2, AP French 4+5, AP LitSubjective:Essays: will write Teacher Recs: will have twoCounselor Rec: Hook (if any): freshmen focus leader, vp of french club, key club, thespian, drama club, school playsLocation/Person:State or Country: OH School Type: Public Ethnicity: White Gender: Female

What are my chances at getting into these colleges?

University of Virginia, Duke, and William and Mary.I’m a Junior in high school right now. I’m in the IB Program and doing well. As for EC’s, I’m a starter on the tennis team, Chess team, Robotics team, National Honor Society, BETA club, and Honor Council. I’m volunteering at a hospital on the weekends. The problem […]

Can i get into UVA or VT with This?

I have a 3.1 gpa and im an african american.i have over 60+ hours of community service3 years of high school wrestling2 years of high school cross countryin latin club & decca, and other clubsi have a job at a resturaunti took classes at NOVA for one summeri took 2 honors classes for each yearIm […]