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English introduction?

i need someone to revise my intro. and tell me if i can add anything to it or how i can fix it! it would appreciated.INTRO:Around friends, most people would use informal language or slang. Around your boss, you would use formal, only because it would be considered disrespectful if your used informal. If we’re […]

Essay introduction for kingkong?

Is king kong a victim or a villain.Im stuck with a good, interesting introduction. I heard the introduction is the hardest and most important part. D:Any ideas, links or examples?

Can anyone help with my essay introduction?

find my introduction sounds awkward and I was wondering if anyone could help alter it or give feedback? Thanks!In “The Management of Grief” Bharati Mukherjee focuses on the crash of Air India Flight 182′s effects on the women, namely the protagonist Shaila Bhave. The wives and mothers of the Indian-Canadians who perished are confronted with […]

Persuasive Essay Help (introduction paragraph)?

I’m writing a perusasive paper on animal rights…can someone tell me if this is right so far, and help me come up with a bit more background info? i haven’t done one of these since a/b the 7th grade (im a senior now) so any help is great…this is what i have so far:Since the […]

Is this a good introduction for an argumentative essay for bullying?

” People usually disregard the servere results of bullying. However, bullying has steadily increased over the years and has become even more threatening. Teenagers are mentally and physically hurt when they are being bullied which can often lead to depression, and even suicide. Drastic bullying situations are mostly caused by the lack of interest and […]

I need a nice introduction for my essay on tsunami. what can i write?

I use to hate it when teachers would tell me to just write write write and something will eventually come out that feels correct. I thought it was just a waste of time until I finally started doing it in college. ITS THE BEST TOOL Just start writing, not even necessarly about the tsunami. When […]

Help writing an introduction on Gay rights?

i have a persuasive essay to do about why i support gay rights. If you don’t support, then fine. That’s your oppinion. But i need help writing the introduction. I need something to hook the read.

What is a good introduction for a spanish essay?

i have to write an essay for spanish class and i need help with an introduction about going on a vacation. So if anyone can help thanks.

How should I finish my grabber in my introduction?

I’m writing an essay about what makes a classic graphic novel and I chose to use an imagery grabber but I’m having a hard time finishing it. Any ideas?Parked comfortably at her couch, the girl eagerly flips through the slippery pages, excitement bottling deep within as she anxiously anticipates the end of the chapter through […]

Please review this essay introduction and help me correct it please?

It seem as though we live our daily lives not knowing the importance of our Fourth, Six and Eight amendments. However, there are several landmark cases that have helped us gained better understanding of our rights. Within this paper I will analyze the significance of these amendments as well as discuss some related landmark cases […]