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Does Canada has an identity or its just a toy for U.S?

its for an essay…

Chemistry Help please! Just started the class.?

I have to write a 1000 word essay on why chemisrty would be important for survival on a desert island. Its due tommorow. and today was our first day! please help me out. i’ve been tryingt o figure it out for hours.

How to analyse history, not just repeat it?

Can you give me some tips on how to analyze?My history teacher says my essays don’t have enough “analytical discussion”

Partner making me feel down during pregnancy or am i just imagining it?

Bit of an essay im afraid, just so you all understand,Basically everything was going fine we moved into a new house together he had a job and i was looking, anyway not even a month after moving in i fell pregnant, and absolutely nobody would employ me, the more pregnant i got the less chance […]

I just wrote an essay to win $300, is it good enough to win?

BEWARE;; 800 words,yo [[:’nd I’m in 8th grade,so don’t hold me to, too high standerds…Americans have been fighting for our country from the very beginning, Veterans being among the most important. Without their sacrifice, we would not have the freedom that we do today. Without their willingness to fight and protect, we would not live […]

To what extent should we embrace globalization? Just need a little help.?

So I have this essay that is due next week, and my teacher is not letting us have any time to work on it, and I just really need help.topic: To what extent should we embrace globalization?It’s a pretty wide topic, and I have been working on it, but I just need 3 more paragraphs […]

Why do so many pretentious people go to Starbucks just to work on their laptops or read books?

You can’t go to my local Starbucks without these people who are in my opinion very pretentious, because they are just everywhere hogging up all the space, taking all the tables with their laptops while writing college essays or doing office work. And then you’ll get lots of other people just lounging around reading books. […]

Shall anyone help me with this, please! 10 points for sure!? if u dun want to answer it, please just leave it!?

Shall anyone help me to write the following website of essay in another way, please! Just the first 4 paragraphs, i will figure out the rest of it, please! 10 points for sure! I really get stuck for these, shall anyone starts with the first four paragraphs then i can follow yr style of writting […]

Can you just check my english essay and correct grammar and suggest what to put?

its my english essay of “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck.The prompt is “George relies on Lennie as much as Lennie trusts George.”Here is the essay:In Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice and Men’, George relies on Lennie as much as Lennie relies on George. I do not agree with the statement because although George and Lennie […]

Essay on why girls suffer from anorexia just to be a model?

it’s not necessarily, if at all, a deliberate decision. anorexia is a complex eating disorder still not completely understood – it is still debated whether it is an organic (i.e. physical) ailment or a psychological one. latest research indicates that one may be predisposed to it from birth!then there is the whole size zero debate […]