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Is this a good thesis statement for a essay about King Richard III?

Topic I chose:In literature and mythology, Satan is a character who embodies the spirit of rebellion, who sets his wits and willpower against all that he perceives as sacred and inviolable. In what ways is Richard III a Satanic hero — a protagonist who possesses conventionally heroic traits but who nevertheless seeks to undermine his […]

Stephen King Books with controversial Issues?

I’m looking for stephen king books with controversial issues for an essay I’m writing.A good example is insomnia, where abortion is an underlying issueKnow any others?

Why are King Arthur and Robin Hood legends still popular today?

What is about them does it appeal today society?…I have to write a essay for tomorrow, and I need help. Thank You:)

I need to write an essay about the extent of justice in king lear,?

I have chosen the side that there is little to no justice. with the example of cordelia, kent, Edmund and Cornwall. Ideas?

How can I relate Oedipus the King to something current?

I am writing an essay on Oedipus the King and I have to relate it to something current but I cannot think of anything. Please help

Is the lion king about survival?

for english we have to write an essay about survival and we need to talk about 3 different text so far i have 2 but im not sure about the last one and i was thinking about using the lion king as i could prob find some techniques in it… can you please juts tell […]

Martin luther king jr. versus malcolm x?

hey people im doing an essay on the difference between the two based on their views on violence. mlk was more about peace and nonviolent action…while malcolm x said blacks need to defend themselves even if violence is needed. i wanted to get opinions as to what you guys think is more effective? which one […]

Whats the difference between a king and a pharaoh?

I’m doing this ap essay and my teacher is realy strict on details. I really need to know this! PLEEEEEEASE!

Comparisons similar to The Lion King vs Hamlet?

What classic literary works are comparable to disney films? (An example being The Lion King and Hamlet) I need to write an essay comparing an archetype that is the same within each work. For example, a hero’s journey. Any ideas? I would love to do anything comparable to Finding Nemo, The Beauty and the Beast, […]

Who Martin Luther King help us is immigrant?

i have essay this so please help me