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Help with life of pi essay?!?

Help with life of pi essay?!?can you give me 3 ideas to use as supporting detail paragraphs for this questionhow does faith effect pi’s and the readers understanding of the better story

Did Bob Hope live a worthy life?

I have to read a biography and right an essay about someone who lived a worthy life, and I was thinking about doing Bob Hope. I wanted to do someone that not a lot of people will do.

Essay topics about the life of Oscar Wilde and his “three Trials”?

Hey folks I got a 2000 word essay due in my Sexuality and the Stage class and need to write about the life and trials of Oscar Wilde, tho I’m having trouble coming up with essays topics. If you have any good ideas to pitch I would love to hear them

Are relationships that important in life?

I am doing an essay for this assignment about relationships, i could use your ideas and opinions so why are interpersonal relationships important:for emotional supportand for personal growth

What are the major events of Augustus’ life?

What were his major achievements? I have to write a five page essay and I don’t want to miss any important information. I have the second triumvirate and the Battle of Actium already.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel essay questions!?

I need help answering these questions for my Honors English class: 1. Pi combines his multiple religious philosophies and his knowledge of science to survive on the lifeboat. Explain how these specific aspects found in Part 1 of the novel prepares Pi to deal with the fear he experiences in Part 2 of the novel. […]

If you could change one important thing about your life, what would you change?

Explain how you would change it. Support your viewpoint with specific details.Please help for my ESSAY! Thank you.

What would life be like without cars, steel, and electricity?

i have to write an essay about this, if someone can help me start it it will be really helpfulthank you

I’ve got an essay on” A day in the life of an old man/woman?

Hello. I’ve got an essay on” A day in the life of an old man/woman” Can u give me some ideas please. Thanks in advance

Did Charles Dickens tell the truth about life in the 1800s?

I have an essay where i have to answer whether i think charles told the truth about victorian life or over exaggerated in his books for example . I need to find sources to support both sides ( yes and no)I also have to do cross referencing( of which i dont really understand!) between different […]