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Opening line on an essay?

i am writing an essay on the play THE CRUCIBLEhow can i start my opening line to capture the reader… help please …10points

I m interesting in finding an on line english translator (english to english)?

I need this on line english translator since I want to ameliorate some expressions as I m writing english essays.

Any catchy opening line on essay pls? topic: Critically discuss sources of law in England today?

‘The law is an a*s. (Donkey/mule/etc)The sources of law in England today are crafted by an elected body (MPs) who have little of no knowledge of what constitutes good law other than “Wouldn’t it be nice/great/easier if ….”, then select others with equally little knowledge, to draft the proposed legislation.’

Is the movie The Thin Red Line an accurate depiction of the ww2 battle of Guadalcanal?

im doing some history essay and cant figure out if it was accurate or not

Explain this…how will i word into an essay..what should my first line be?

Describe how the rights of the child are at the centre of care, learning and development practice and service provision.

My teacher gave the whole class a 300 word essay because we did not line up right,is that fair?

just 300 words? lining up? what grade are you in? of course its fair! my last essay that was spur of the moment had to be 10 pages!

Im doing a essay paper on line about homeless in amercia i was looking for ideas for a good thesis?

this is what i have so far but it has to start argumentative Homeless in America today has affected those with homes and those without “more than 2 million Americans are homeless during the course of a year, and the number is rising. About 40 percent are families with children, 30 percent are substance abusers, […]

Please help me think of a story line for my small English essay?

For my english essay, i have to think of a story to do with a character that doesn’t quite fit in with the rest.the essay is of 500 words, and i’m really finding it difficult to think of a story line. If this helps, i am a year 9 and i am in top set […]

What’s a good hook line for a persuasive essay?

im writing a persuasive essay for my 8th grade languge arts class, im stuck on the “hook” line. My essay is about Dress Code not being so heavy about it.. you know? Like bra straps able to show and ripped jeans, anyone know what im talking about? So i would like if someone could help […]

What PERCENTAGE of the world is currently living below the poverty line?

ya, I’d like an answer soon as I have to write an essay on world poverty… Thanks!