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I have a very long assignment due tomorrow, have a terrible cold. I need some motivation to begin, plz help!?

I had finals friday, saturday, and monday. I worked on these essays on sunday, monday, and tuesday (when it was due). Today I am so sick, because of this stupid cold I got on Sunday… I need some motivation to finish the assignment, essays… It’s my last assignment and my average in the class is […]

Long essay on Word … not spell checking anymore. How do I fix this?

It seems that whenever I type a lot on Word, it stops spell checking by default. I have tried to make it spell check by default but it just doesn’t seem to work after about 15 pages. How do I make it spell check an entire document by default regardless of how long it is?

How long should my essay be?

The instructions were a little vague. They say this:Evaluation:Ideas 5 x 2 = 10Organization 5Style 5Spelling/Grammar 5It’s worth 25 (obviously), so, how long do you think it should be based on this information?

Is this too long of an intro paragraph?

also could you give your opinion on it. its an introduction to a descriptive essay i am writing but im afraid its too long. For the majority of people, rafting for the first time is quite an exhilarating experience. For me, unfortunately, this was not the case. That first time, everything started out great. The […]

How long was Thomas Jefferson a lawyer?

I have a three page essay on Thomas Jefferson due in a week, and I was wondering how many years he was a lawyer… Can you help me? User tags:how long was jefferson a lawyer

How long does the Great Wall of China stretch out to today?

I need to know how long the presant day Great wall of CHina is. I’m writing an essay. I need to know this and fast. (kilometers and miles please)

Please edit my essay? (its just a little part, will not take long)?

In 1905, Einstein publishes three short technical papers in the journal “Annal Der Physik”. These papers were revolutionized the world of physics so much that each of them formed the basis for a new branch of Physics. His first paper explains Photoelectric Effect, which suggested that light could be thought of as a hail of […]

Why does she say my bibliographies are too long?

Hi, I’ve started a degree in English Literature and my first two grades were 72 and 67. The comments say “high level of analytical engagement” “well written” “You know how to structure an essay and an argument” but my tutor has 4 times told me my Bibliography is “Amazingly” long. I’ve been looking into it […]

MEN WITH LONG HAIR how do you feel with society’s bad comment like “cut that **** dude” “get a haircut” etc?

and did it ever made you really cut your hair or to came close to it… Please give me some serious answers i have to write an essay about that.

How long does an admission essay to Harvard have to be?

Just Wondering.