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When was the ACTUAL law passed that made murder illegal.?

QUICK ! im writing an essay for english class, and i need to know when the actual law was passed that made murder a felony, where is it written ? Where do i find this information ?

What did Pierre Trudeau do for Canada that made him one of the most influential Canadian Prime Ministers?

Ok so i really struggle with history and i have a huge inclass essay on the three most influential Prime Ministers of Canada in the 20th century . They can be good influential or bad..but it has to be one or the other.I dont do good with reading large paragraphs,so point form or simplified would […]

Is this idea for my story too unrealistic? (i made it easier to understand)?

Okay here is the summary: The family of five girls- Jillian (22), Phoebe (17), Lindsey (16), Olivia (15) and Katherine (14) and one boy- James (15) who’s parents have died in a car crash- this happens before story starts when the oldest girl (Jillian) was 19 so she became the legal guardian. Jillian got pregnant […]

If 35.8 g Mg react with 82.3 g HCl according to the reaction below, how many grams of hydrogen gas is made?

If 35.8 g Mg react with 82.3 g HCl according to the reaction below, how many grams of hydrogen gas will be produced, and how many grams of the excess reactant will be left over?Unbalanced equation: Mg + HCl → MgCl2 + H2Be sure to show all of your work.Question 2 (Essay Worth 5 points)If […]

I have to write an essay but i need a made up name for a country?

The United States of Texas

In “The Notebook” by Nicolas Sparks, what choices had to be made? PLEASE ANSWER?

i know the question may seem simple but I’m writing a college/personal essay for my senior English class. here’s the prompt: Consider the impending changes that will take place in your own life following the completion of high school. what has the way this character handled change taught you about the way to confront changes […]

I have to write an essay about someone who made an impact on my life. Can I tie it with who is my hero?

The essay topic is: Write an essay in which you tell us about someone who has made an impact on your life and explain how and why this person is important to you.I wanted to start off by describing the definition of a hero and tying that together with how my sister is my hero […]

What made you who you are today?

I’m trying to write an essay on what made me who I am today.Everyone in my class has decided to make it up because our English teacher is getting a bit say the least..This is the 2nd reflective essay she’s making us write, every other class hasn’t even written one..She told us “the more […]

I made a small grammatical mistake on my college essay, how much will it affect a college’s decision?

Sentence is “I was dumbfounded and realized how truly amazing modern technology (missing “is”)”I already sent it to Northeastern and Stevens

What aspects of indian civilization made it unique?

i have an essay due tomorrow it wasnt assigned until yeaterday i need to now how the indian civilization is unique and how it is like mespotania, egypt, phonecians, or hebrews! please help! i need 5 examples for both