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Geoffrey canada’s main argument in fist stick knife gun?

I am doing an essay on the author of Fist stick knife gun’s main arguement. I was wondering if it would be that you must have heart in order to survive life. or that the government needs to do more to protect minority children. I’m not sure

What was the main reason the Civil War was fought?

I have to write a history essay’ i can’t find in my book or in the internet what the main reason was!I need it by Tuesday(:

What were three main things that happen after the fall of rome?

what were the three main things that happened after the fall of rome and before the renaissance?please explain more throughly because i need to write an essay on it.thanks!

Im writing a narrative essay, it needs to have a hidden agenda. My main character is a grumpy old man. Ideas?

I want the hidden agenda to be something about society that a grumpy old man would care about. Nothing about healthcare, medicare, etc…

What’s the main idea of basic human rights?

i need to write essays on the basic human rights, declaration of independence, the declaration of the rights of man, and the enlightenment. can anyone help please? “]

What are some movies or books in which the main character is a writer/ aspiring writer/ loves writing? ?

Or any book/ movie that revolves around the theme of writing? For my college essay I need to write about a fictional character that I can relate to, and I’ve always loved English and writing. THANKS! =)

I am writing an essay on abortion. But what do I make the main argument/idea of the essay? Ideas anyone?

I am doing an essay plan and an essay on a topic of my choice. I have chosen Abortion. But Im not sure what arguments to make etc. Anyone able to help?

Please correct my short essay pease…i need help on correcting this…grammatical, or main idea etc…?

Describe something that has excited your passion. Why did you reac t so strongly to this experience or object and how has this affected you in the long run?I had played the violin for about five years before I started 10th grade (the first year of high school in the Korean system) but then I […]

Why is the assissination of Franz Ferdinand the main cause of WW1?

Im on my conclusion on a history essay, and i want to explain why Ferdinand been killed is the most important reason. Thanks,

How can I describe the rhyme scheme of this poem in relation to the main idea?

I’m writing a five paragraph essay about the poem “Insomnia” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. One of the poetic devices he uses is rhyming. The first and fourth lines, second and third, fifth and seventh, and sixth and eighth line of each stansa rhyme (ABBACDCD). How can I say how this enhances the poem as a […]