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What does this essay question mean?

“discuss the use of generic stereotypes to construct meaning in television drama’?

What does Christine M. Korsgaard mean by the idea…?

… that the psychic unity of a rational agent is ultimately grounded in the principles of practical reason, such as the hypothetical and the categorical imperatives?It’s a question hat I have to answer in an essay. Can someone tell me what exactly it’s asking for?We also have to illustrate it using examples.Also, is psychic unity […]

Mean nicknames for the name Christina?

hi I am writing a creative writing essay for school. The topic is peer pressure, mean people in general. My main character’s name is Christina, and she needs to have a mean nickname made up my kids in her grade. The other characters (her only friends) already have nicknames. Their names are:Rachel: Rachel the RoachDawn: […]

What does this quote mean?

i am writing an english essay on the quote bellow but i have no clue what it means! can you please help?”individuals can resist injustice, but only a community can do justice”.please help. thanks.

What do these Political Cartoons mean? Satire?

Im supposed to be doing an 600 word essay on ONE political cartoon . These 4 satires are the ones i chose for now. I was just wondering if anyone couldelaborate on the meanings of each or at least one of these Political Cartoon that you understand.I very much understand what the authors are trying […]

What do inter and intra mean by Vygotsky’s theory of development?

Im doing an essay on development by vygotsky and was wondering how i would explain development in terms of his two lines of development; inter and intra. does anyone know the difference, and what they say?

WTF Does this even mean? Social stuff?

Imperialism, did more that destroy the sovereignty of Indigenous states and societies. The nature of colonial rule itself left devastating social and economic and psychological effects on African and other Indigenous peoples. Overpowered and denied the opportunity to develop their potentials along the lines of their unique social, cultural peculiarities, African countries and indigenous groups […]

Is this a real proverb, and if so what the hell does it mean?

A.A Milne mentions it in an essay, alleging it is from the Persian:’The wise man is kind to his dog, but the poor man riseth early in the morning’It sounds like drivel to me, but anyone who knows would be welcome.

What does agencies of the art world mean?

im writing an essay and it says artist practice includes thoughts of artist, art critics etc. it may also include all the agencies of the art world.Practice explores relationship between the artist, world and audience. So if you know what it means by agencies of the art world that would be great XD

What does this fable mean?

It’s from Jean de la Fontaine, called The Cock and the Fox.And I’m having trouble interperating it. Here it is:On a tree there mounted guardA veteran cock, adroit and cunning;When to the roots a fox up running,Spoke thus, in tones of kind regard: “Our quarrel, brother, “s at an end;Henceforth I hope to live your […]