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Does modern media lead or manipulate war and society?

I have an essay I have to write, so I really need three points. Essentially, how does media impact or manipulate war and society? I’m mainly focusing on how it manipulates war and society. I want to focus on each time period, so the French Revolution, World War 2 and War on Iraq/War on Terror. […]

Where does political media bias stem from?

I am writing an argumentative essay about how political bias in the media can sway voters to one party or the other. What would be good concrete details to add? Where does political bias originate from? like is it the owner of the news corporation?

On windows media center/player, is there a way you can take photos/videos of a movie?

im doing an essay and i cant find the pictures i want for my poster, so i was wondering if there was a way i could be watching the movie, pause it, then take a picture of it on the comp while on windows media player or center. is this possible?please and thanks!

Why the media shouldn’t have SUPER SKINNY models, HELP!?

i am doing an essay, however.. self esteem is really the only factor i can see why the media shouldn’t display super tall skinny models..give me some reasons!

Do you think young adults are being unfairly represented in the media for the recent road tolls and why?

I am doing an essay on this question and i just wanted to no what other people think!

How do I write a good media studies essay?

I am currently studying A-Level Media studies. I was wondering if anyone has any tips for contructing an A grade essay. Is there anything I need to include? Like an opinion, linking to title, quotes or maybe comparisons to other media/incidents in past? I would be a great help if anyone has any ideas, thanks:)

Why study mass media?

we have to write a 2page essay about why should we study mass media. we must cite an issue or phenomenon involving mass media to answer the question. suggestions please. thanks

Does anyone want to do my media essay for me?

Please i’ve got so much to revise! x

How to start of a media essay about the prolouge of romeo and juliet?

Okay, so i’m thinking something along the lines of..Romeo and Juliet was a medievil tradegy written by William Shakespeare. Two successful films have been made out of the playis that okay?

Write an essay explaining when you think the freedom of the media becomes an invasion of privacy.?