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Nervous for SAT’s tomorrow?

i’m taking my first SAT tomorrow and am extremely nervous and pretty sure i won’t do very well.any tips for while taking the test?also, could you please grade my practice essay:prompt: what are your thoughts on the idea that failure is necessary for education to take place?The process of learning new things and gaining new […]

I’m scared and nervous! Will someone tell me its ok? That I could get in?

I’m a Senior in high school and I am really nervous. I want to get into Purdue University (IN). I have a gpa of a B, and I have an SAT score of between 1350 and 1362. (I don’t find out my essay score until tomorrow). Someone with experience….could I get in? I’m in a […]

I have a presentation tips on how to not be nervous?

I have to present my essay in front of the class tommorrow and im really really nevous. Im really shy and have a quiet voice to. And whenever I have to present something my hands get all sweaty and my face turns red. And the teacher always has to tell me to speak up and […]