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Do you capitalize scene numbers in Shakespeare?

I am writing an essay on Shakespeare and I refer to “scene one” should I capitalize it or is there no special way that the scenes and acts are typed? User tags:should act be capitalized in plays

How should you use numbers in writing – do you write ‘two’ or ’2′?

I’m always concerned about writing in numerals in essays etc for schools so how should I approach these things? I’m talking about statistics, dates and amounts of things. Thanks!

Page numbers on microsoft document?

I am setting out the page numbers to an essay and am a bit stuck at the moment.I need to keep the document together (because I need to submit it electronically). But, I need to have the first few pages numbered i, ii, iii etc. Then the pages numbers from the first chapter need to […]

Why do people believe in the Jewish holocaust when Auschwitz keeps lowering it’s numbers. It’s 1 million now?

Preliminary note: This essay is dedicated to Holocaust revisionist scholar Dr. Robert Faurisson. He was the first to point out the chemical and toxicological impossibility of these Auschwitz gas chamber stories. [external link] …

How to include page numbers in Anthropology essay?

My professor of Anthropology wants me to include the page numbers in the citations of the books and peer reviews I used in my essay in the bibliography. where would I put the page numbers? im confused, thx. MLA format.

Proper way to writing numbers?

I believe I was taught in school to write “five” instead of “5″.. and so on and so forth when writing numbers for papers etc… But I see a lot of people just using the numerical value… What is the CORRECT way to writing numbers when typing papers and essays for school?

Im doing a essay and i really need help. i need quotes that show petras strengths. page numbers to please!?


Algebaric and transcendental numbers?

HELP ME! I never ask for homework help but its already midnight and I have about 3 other final-essays due tommorow so I have to do an all nighter! THANK YOU SO MUCH!PROBLEM:Algebraic numbers and transcendental numbers are two types of real numbers. Two transcendental numbers you have studied are π(pie) and e. What are […]