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Thesis Statement for Essay about The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton?

I am writing an essay for English about The Outsiders book and am stuck on the thesis statement. My essay is about why pony feels like an outsider. The three arguments are because he is a member of the greaser gang, has different hobbies from other greasers, and has an unusual home life. PLZ HELP! […]

What would be a creative title for an essay about how Johnny from the outsiders is courageous & a hero?

a good, creative title about how Johnny Cade in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is honorable/courageous/a hero? User tags:creative title for the outsiders

Pony boy! outsiders book help!?

hi , i need you guys to help me out of this, i was reading the outsiders book but i didn’t`t not finish book.and my teacher tell me to write a essay to compare and contrash pony boy and …….. so in this way , i need every detail that about pony have be […]

If you have read The Outsiders, PLEASE help me to end this essay?

I have to write a 6 paragraph essay about one of the characters from the novel entitled “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton. The character I chose is Sodapop. I already have the 5 other paragraphs, and the last one (6th one), has to be a concluding paragraph. I’m having trouble with it so could you […]

Please help quickly, i need help with an introduction for my Outsiders essay!?

I have to write an introduction for an essay about the most signifigant chapter in the Outsiders, I chose chapter 7. I need a good intro with a good thesis, and I’m stuck. Please help!I’ll be glad to give you any more info about the essay you need to help me.Thanks in advance!

In the outsiders by s.e. hinton will ponyboy stay gold? Why? or WhyNot?

I have to write a 500 word essay if ponyboy curtis will stay gold or not? Please Help! dont answer with read the book!

People who have read ‘The Outsiders’ Novel… I need help );?

Hey guys (; I Just finished reading the novel ‘The Outsiders’ for school. Now we have a project and I chose to do an essay because i love to write. This is what I have to write about ”How do you know this is a novel that warns against gang life?” Keep in mind I […]

What is a good thesis statement for a compare/contrast essay of the socs and the greasers from the outsiders?

Although the Greasers and Socs hate each other because of their differing social situations, they are very similar in many other aspects. Things are rough all over.

Can you write an essay for the outsiders poem by S.E. Hinton?

i really need help. My essaay is due tommarow and need it to be at least a 2 paragraph essay.{Please help me}

Someone help me with my essay on the book the outsiders by se hinton?

Here it is and so fat i ahve a 28/36 on it My teacher told me to fix my grammar and add more, but I don’t know what to add/fix!I have never been interested in reading. I would always make an attempt to pick out a book I thought looked good but I would read […]