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I have a 9 page essay that has 3 primary sources and 6 secondary sources to add in how do i make a work cited?

—————————————-…For a book: Author’s last name, author’s first name. Title underlined. Place of publication: Publisher, Date of publication. Example: Kleinzahler, August. Earthquake Weather. New York: Moyer Bell Limited, 1989. Example with more than one author: Ture, Kwame, and Charles V. Hamilton. Black Power – The Politics of Liberation. New York: Vintage Press, 1967.Example with an […]

What is a good commercial to write a 4 page rhetorical analysis essay critiqing the persuasive tecniques used?

ethos, pathos, and/or logoscritiqing the commercial’s use of rhetorical techniques to persuade the reader.Thank you!And please send a link to the commercial if you have one.

5 page research paper due PLEASE HELP? alot of PTS?

I go to palm beach state college and for my psychology class we have to write a 5pg paper on our topics. My topics can be obesity and fat ppl in America and stuff or sexual motivation. We also have to have atleast 6 sources dated from atleast 2006 from the FAU or PBCC database. […]

“Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting”-William Wordsworth. I need suggestions for a page essay.?

that’s the quote we have to use, but it needs to be a page long and be college level writing. i just need some explanations or ideas on what i could write about it on.

I’ve gotta write a 30 page essay on advantages and disadvantages of plastic …………?

where do i get all this information from one source?

I have to write a 5 page essay on constantine’s impact on christianity?

can anyone give me any key points i can work with? thank you so much!

How can i get to a page where I can just type freely for a project or essay?

How can I get to a blank page where I can just type whatever I want for free for, like, an essay? I need to get to a page that is blank so I can just type what I need to for my project! User tags:energizer batteries are considered to be very reliable only 0 […]

How can I write a 5 page paper on the salem witch trials?

There isn’t that much to write about.I started and have a little under 2 pages, but they are two separate projects. The 2 page essay was turned in but m teacher said we can just add 3 pages onto the same paper. I don’t know what else to write about. i got everything into 2 […]

I need page number for To Kill a Mockingbird quotes!?

I have some quotes that i need for my essay, but they dont match the page numbers in my edition of the book! Can someone help me! I need it by tonight!My book edition: Warner BooksQuotes: “They’re certainly entitled to think that, and they’re entitled to full respect for their opinions,” said Atticus, “but before […]

Do i need a work cited page for my essay?

everyone in the class had to read the book The House On Mango Street and write a literary analysis paper. do i need to include a work cited page? The teacher obviously knows what book we read so does it matter? i did quote and cite the page number a few times in my essay […]