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If htis was the first paragraph of an essay?

I saw the lights through the window and I automatically smiled. Then the knock on the door came and my heart was beating one hundred miles a second. He came in and looked at me with a smile and his big blue dreamy perfect eyes. I stared at him and I didn’t blink because I […]

Is this a well written paragraph…?

I just finished writing the third body paragraph for my comparative essay (on family life in two books), and I wanted to know if it was well written. If you see any mistakes (tense issues, sentence structure, grammar, etc). Any help would be greatly appreciated (sorry I couldn’t paste it here, Y!A said it wouldn’t […]

I am writing a 5 paragraph essay it has to be about china what topic could it be about?

The pollution there….The pandas of Chengdu….The Terracotta figures….just a few ideas.Oh, yeah.Their superstitions…..certain numbers mean certain things. Feng Shou (“Feng Shway” is important to them). Grasshoppers mean good luck, so they keep them as pets (and they are rather large).

How do you write a strong introductory and concluding paragraph? What are some good words for essays?

Well, I have my english final tomorrow and I need some tips on how to write a strong intro and concluding paragraph for my essay. My teacher has made comments on my essays saying things such as it is “too general” and “not specific enough”. I mainly struggle with writing my thesis and wrapping up […]

American Dream essay. Paragraph 2?

In the second paragraph I have to elaborate how African Americans today are different from the Younger family (A Raisin in the Sun). Today there is less segregation but I need a 10 to 12 sentence paragraph for elaboration on the differances. Anyone able to give a little insight and help?

NEED HElp.we have a assignment to write a 3 paragraph essay on where we see ourselves in 5 years from now..!?

what should I include. I’m a freshman in High school.

Can you help me find a transition for my paragraph?

This is a paragraph from a contemplative essay I’ve written and am editing. I can’t seem to find a transition (it can be a single word or phrase or whole sentence) for the place where I put the *. I don’t want to put anything too formal like “furthermore” because this is a contemplative essay. […]

This is my intro paragraph for my essay? help?

this is the intro to my essay on child labor. its a rough draft and i am basically trying to say what child labor is doing to our future and social world ( children not having education or childhood) continuing the pattern of labor for low wages etc.. my main points are: dehuminization, lack of […]

Is this a well written Introductory Paragraph for my Essay…?

I need some help looking over my introductory paragraph for my essay on Family Life (its a comparative essay between 2 books). Any help correcting grammar, tenses, sentence structure, etc would be greatly appreciated (I had to post it through a link because it wouldn’t fit on here). Any help would be greatly appreciated:Intro: [external […]

Check my paragraph on imagery?

ok so im writing an essay, please help me with rewording sentences and my grammar.Dickens usage of dark, gloomy imagery is used to create a melancholy tone; which shows that relationships can often become bitter. Pip finds himself aware of “the distinct shadow of the darkened and unhealthy house in which her (Miss Havisham) life […]