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Parents and homework?

My parents are always butting in on homework, when I am a good student and do (eventually) get everything done. I find it obnoxious that my mom is constantly bugging me, so I’ve gone to just not telling her about anything since it just makes it so much more stressful! I have a good overall […]

Please give me 3 reasons why parents should spank their children?

i have done continuous research on this essay and i need ur help3 arguments please!

How to convince my parents to get a kitten?!?

Okay so all my life I have had cats and my mom has always taken care of them….now that I don’t have my cats anymore I really want a little kitten from the SPCA! I already have a dog but she is used to cats and doesn’t mind them. I’m 13 and I feel that […]

Essay to convince my parents to buy me a blackberry?

ok, so my mom told me she’ll buy a blackberry storm for me if i write a essay that is persuasive enough (say why i want it and stuff) , can you help me with what to write? she said to think of it as a business proposal. im 14

Im writeing an essay to my parents on y i should be able to have a myspace and i need help!?

I cant think of anymore points so if u have anything i could put on it please tell me!

What to do about parents and grades…?

i’m taking a lot of AP classes this year, and so is my sister. we are both in AP Language, and have started on summer assignments. our first one was an essay, in which i received a 90% and my sister a 94%…not too bad but still i think i could have done better. oh […]

How can i convince my parents into getting me a guineapig?

my birthday is on Monday and i really really want a guinea pig. we have all the stuff buy it expires in june. how do i convince my parents into getting me one?

What is a good opening sentence when writing an essay about my parents? ?

I now this should be easy considering they’re my parents but everything I try sounds cheesy.

Would parents vaccinate their children? opinions why or why not ? doesnt it lead to autism or retardation?

im doing a research paper for a persuasive essay on why parents shouldnt vaccinate their child. ive had a cousin that is permanently retarded due to this i believe . does anyone kno any good sites for information on this? also give me yur input about it …and also is this a good topic to […]

How would you start a essay to convince your parents to let you have a pet?

I am trying to convince my mom to let me get a duck. i did ALL of the research and I know EVERYTHING that is needed to care for a duck. HELP!