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Does your heart rate or anything change when you pass out?

I’m doing an essay on a helpful invention. It is a robot, and it has several abilities. One is the ability to detect if you have passed out. Does anything change, such as your heart rate, during the time when you pass out or are unconscious?

How does the EU pass laws? 10 points for whoever helps me TODAY!?

How do the Commission, the European parlimant and council work together pass legislation?Please help me. I have a final tonight at 6pm and the professor has been a total waste. This is the only question I can’t find in our text and I know it’ll be an essay question.Please help…or at least send me a […]

Please stop being ignorant when answering my question.If people don’t want to answered just pass.?

My question on my essay was Should a ‘good “police officer obey her orders.I have to explain and get to the point.I ask your point view but not being rude. If too much ask don’t answered. If i need to add more detail it only can be 500 to 1000 word essay.pls let me know […]

How to pass my global regents? HELPPP!?

My Global regents is tomorrow.. is there any way to get all the multiple choice questions right so if i screw up the essays i still pass because i’m really bad at global and i know no outside info for the thematic essay that were gonna have to write.. BTW this is the 10th grade […]

Do you think I will pass the GED?

I took the practice tests and I gotMath:400Science:430Reading:380Social Studies:380Writing:I got a 37 out of 50 but I don’t know how I did on my essayOn the GED test you need to get a 410 or above on all the tests.Do you think I should try the GED test anyway?

Should i take an essay from the internet and pass it as my own?

its just got to be a descriptive essay and im going to paraphrase the hell out of terrible at writing. i already tried writing this paper and i failed so my prof is giving me a chance to re write it.ive already found one.she doesnt use anything like either