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A few questions on the Patriot Act…?

I’m working on an essay, and I wanted to get a few facts straight on this. Since its last reauthorization on March 9, 2006, when will the act expire?Does it violate any parts of the Constitution other than the Fifth Amendment? If so, which?Thanks.

How many people were arrested due to the USA PATRIOT Act?

I realize there might not be a reliable way to tell, but I figured I’d throw it out there.I’m writing an essay, so a citeable source would be really helpful.

American Patriot essay help? Its due tomorrow!?

Ok so can someone gimme ideas? about the gov… what went wrong from when the decleration of independence was signed and what is still working? HELPPPPPPPP just any ideas would work just help O_O TYVM! Note: Sorry for teen launguage and horrible spelling…. Im in a rush

Why I am an American Patriot? can someone please help me with that?

I need the body part of the essays because I’m confused about it so if anyone could help that would be great!Thankss.

Im doing this essay about being a patriot. Help!?

so my class HAS to write this weird essay and it is sooooooooooo dumb its about me being an american patriot tips?

Was Louis Riel a patriot or a rebel ?

i am doing an essay on Louis Riel the essay is about my opinion whether he was a patriot or rebel. I just wanted to know some points about each. him being a rebel and patriot. PLEASE HELP MEE ! THANKS User tags:is louis riel a patriot or rebel story

I need help on an essay on why i am an American patriot?

Because you stand up for what you believe is right, regardless of the government’s or anyone else’s stance on it. Or maybe you live in New England.