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How many people visit Facebook in a day?

For an essay i am including how many people visit Facebook a day, I would really like in 5min, but i dont know if anyone would know that.If anyone know how many people go on facebook in 5min that would be great, or even daily would work

Question for people who have ready Randy Pausch’s “The Last Lecture”?

I am doing an essay on this book, but i need the page number to a certain quote. I can’t find it anywhere so if you can remember like the chapter, page, or general spot of this quote I’d be very happy.”We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”

Do you believe that people were born evil and try to be good, or people were born good and do bad things?

I’m writing an english essay and I’d like to hear your perspectives! I know most people will comment saying that they think most people were born good and society/culture/our upbringing influences us to do bad things, but people who are on the otherside of that spectrum I’d love to hear your opinions! Also, any relation […]

How did Boo Radley help people in To Kill A Mockingbird?

I already know the obvious where he carried Jem and Scout in after bob ewell ambushed them and when he gave jem and scout a blanket when ms maudies house was on fire but is there anything else? Doing an essay on it and it would be much appreciated- Thanks

Help! thanks to people who help?

1.)When recording notes during an interview, it is essential to record every word that is spoken for absolute accuracy. truefalse2.)When citing a source, it is sufficient to provide the name of the author and the title of the text.truefalse3.)Which of the following is a primary source? article on U.S. Forestry U.S. Fish and Wildlife survey […]

Should society be primarily focused to protect the people living now or to prepare for future generations?

I have to write an essay on this topic for my 10th grade literature class, but I cant make up my mind on which side I should pick. I somewhat agree with both sides. Please leave ideas about which side you would write about and why. Thank you(:

Why do so many pretentious people go to Starbucks just to work on their laptops or read books?

You can’t go to my local Starbucks without these people who are in my opinion very pretentious, because they are just everywhere hogging up all the space, taking all the tables with their laptops while writing college essays or doing office work. And then you’ll get lots of other people just lounging around reading books. […]

What are some reasons people choose to send their children to gender based schools?

I am writing an essay on why there should still be schools and colleges for just boys and schools and colleges for just girls. I need some reasons why people choose to send their children to gender based schools. I already have religion as a reason. Thank you.

Does anyone know any interesting people or topics I can write an essay on?

the essay can’t be anymore than 250 words (thats not enough freakin room!) and it has to be non-fiction and perferable something I cad describe well in a short amount of space

Essay question; why are people nice?

im writing an essay to persuade others that people cannot always be writing my rebuttal: so why are people nice?i find that people are nice because of religion and karma… anything else.and do you have any rebuttals against karma?