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Ideas or phrases i could use in my descriptive writing essay on ‘the scene in a bus station’?

Hi, just looking for a bit of help that will up my grade for this essay. Would be really appreciated if you could help me abit or give me some phrases to use. Thanks. xx

Can someone help with a few french phrases?

i wrote an essay in french about my christmas holidays and apparently according to my french teacher it doesn’t have enough french phrases…i worked really hard on the essay and so far i haven’t really been able to come up with any phrases that make sense and are some what complex,so could anyone help me?the […]

Impressive Spanish phrases for A2 exam?

Can anyone give me some original spanish idimos or fancy phrases that i could include in my essay? Im A2 level, thank you in advance User tags:a level spanish impressive phrasescomplex spanish essay phrasesimpressive spanish vocabulary

Gerund and appositive phrases?

Is “juliet’s beloved cousin” in the next sentence an appositive phrase, gerund, or neither? I have to identify all types of phrases in my essay… thanks for help in advance.My essay sentence: Due to ancient but ongoing family quarrels, and due to Romeo having killed Tybalt, Juliet’s beloved cousin, Romeo is forbidden from ever seeing […]

Phrases to use in crime and detective stories?

Im finding material for a competition im entering and also a essay i had to do. It is based on crimes, detective. Please do help me!

Good transitional phrases?

I’m about to write an essay that needs to include some good transitional phrases that would help lead from my least important topic to the greatest. My professor said this: “So “next,” “another,” ” last,” “last but not least “and so on are out!”Any advice?