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Why do I get punished in school for questioning the policies of Abraham Lincoln?

If I even dare to criticize the tyrant during discussions in class or in an essay I get an F. I have a 3.9 GPA for christ sakes, so I’m no dummy. The Damn statists don’t like ANYONE disagreeing with their ways.

Discuss the causes of the American Revolution by analyzing the change in British policies toward the colonies?

2. Discuss the causes of the American Revolution by analyzing the change in British policies toward the colonies after 1763 and the American colonists’ reaction to these new policies. Why were so many colonists willing to resist new laws and new taxes by the 1760s? What political and philosophical ideals inspired the Revolution and justified, […]

Was the United States justified in their imperialistic policies of the late 1800s and early 1900s?

I have to write a essay so maybe a beginning paragraph or thesis statement? Thanks for any answers

What were the Nazi Government policies towards the young?

My essay question talks about the policies but i don’t really get what they are? could you help by giving me some explanation of what they were? thanks

What are some policies Mao Zedong implemented?

trying to right an essay but my book says nothing on his policies:/

Why did the Bolsheviks decide to pursue policies which wound up leading to the death of so many Soviet citizen?

Before anyone tells me to go research it on my own, I am. I know nothing about the topic so I will appreciate any help I can get. This is for a 10 page research essay I have to write.

Can somebody help me with the french policies in vietnam during the late 1800s-early 1900s?

I need to write an essay about the french policies in Vietnam during the late 1800s-early 1900s. One viewpoint has to be from a french colonial and the other viewpoint has to be from a vietnamese resistance fighter. I have a page of info already that i wrote up about the resistance fighter but i […]

What needs and policies are needed to have a truly ‘US liberal’ society?

(for an essay, serious replies only)What’s the goal of the society and what is needed to obtain it?If you’d like to add to the conservative than by all means.Conservative Goal: Maintaining Responsible Individual SovereigntyPolicies needed: Law and Order, Equal Laws, Free Speech, Free Press, Right to Life, Property Rights, Gun Rights, Strong Defense, Economic Freedom, […]

What policies and major events in France helped to undermine the rule of Louis XV?

It’s an essay question only I’m not sure where to start.Any ideas for this are greatly appreciated.