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The speration of powers in the us?

Hi, I’ve got an essay to write in law (I go to a French college). Our topic is: the separation of powers in the US. I have to write an introduction (with a problematic), argumentation (2 parts) and possibly a conclusion. So I was wondering what do you think would be a good problematic (question […]

Why do you think they rejected the parliamentary system and invented a new one of separated but shared powers?

(The founders were well acquainted with both ancient and contemporary governments). This is a history question mainly from We the People books…I’m doing a 5-6 page essay and I need a little more information to clarify myself.

Do Police Powers contradict Human Rights?

If so then how? I need a little help with an essay I’m writing.

Current event examples of the investigatory powers of congress?

I’m writing an essay for my government class on the importance of the investigatory powers of congress, but I can’t think of any recent examples.Could anyone tell me about a current event where:1) congress gathered info. useful to legislation2) congress oversaw operations of the executive branch3) focused the public’s attention on a particular topic4) exposed […]

Would an extension of the European Parliament’s powers solve the ‘Democratic Deficit Problem of the EU?’?

uni essay need help

Are we missing a possibility? Could we really develop super powers?

In early issues of the Elementals comic, the bad guys were shown doing horrible tortures to people in hopes that they might manifest super powers in the stress of the situation. The same thing has been used in fiction, to discover teleportation in The Stars My Destination.I do not advocate this, the evil is evident. […]

What reasons did the great powers have for entering the first world war?

Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia whereupon Russia joined the war. Due to Russia mobilization Germany joined forcing France into the war and finally Britain decided to fight in this war as well, making it the first global war.reasons that i have:Austria-Hungary: defense of prestige as their heir had been assassinated, scared of a powerful serbia […]