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GCSE Coursework Essay Help: Analyse the presentation of the witches in Macbeth. Please help ?

I have written this so far but please i need it to be longer what else could i add what should i change in this what i have written etc any contributions arr very appreciated ! Love xAnalyse the presentation of the Witches in MacbethMacbeth is a play written by William Shakespeare in the 17th […]

How to memorize a presentation fast by tomorrow?

So far I’ve reread my essay for an hour and I only remembered two slides on my PowerPoint and the thing is on our PowerPoint u can’t have any words on it only pictures! And we can’t have our essay with us only one index card and u can’t write small and yahSo yah I […]

Essay and presentation on Assemblage / Collage?

Does anyone know of any art movements except dada when collage was popular? Any particular artists or sites I can look at? I have to do a presentation and an essay on it!

How do you make an online interactive presentation on Youtube?

I need to write an essay about online, interactive presentations on youtube.It was my understanding that they were planning to do it, but may not have finished.My teacher said that Opera used it, but did the interactive aspect on skype at the same time.If it is the case that you can make a live presentation […]

I have a presentation tips on how to not be nervous?

I have to present my essay in front of the class tommorrow and im really really nevous. Im really shy and have a quiet voice to. And whenever I have to present something my hands get all sweaty and my face turns red. And the teacher always has to tell me to speak up and […]